2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 750 Specs

2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 750 Specs – The 2020 Yamaha model tested here belongs to Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia and is just one of the many units on show in the  showroom. So far, as we know, there are no plans to assemble and sell this model in Malaysia even though there are many other importers who have this model on sale. Super Ténéré Yamaha ES has both an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and a unified braking system (UBS).

The Super 2020 Tenere is a particularly “great” adventure bike. Compared to other large double-purpose bikes from other manufacturers, the “Super Ten”, as it is affectionately known, still seems to tower over the others.  The real dimensions are not only visual, but also the circumference of the Super Ten 2020 translates into an empty weight, an incredible 265 kg. Super Ténéré Specs ES offers, with cruise control, an adjustable seat height and a windscreen, adjustable front and rear suspension, low maintenance shaft drive, center and much more.

2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 750 Specs

2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 750 Specs

The seat, 2020 Yamaha Specs adjustable from 845mm to 870mm, is actually more comfortable at its maximum. But this means that those who are lower than inseam will find it difficult (or better, stop). But the great height means excellent visibility and safety. Yamaha Super The standing room is excellent, with a neutral bias, slightly forward for those high-speed desert incursions (more like a run to the local Starbucks).

2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 750 – Features

Compact and powerful engine, The Super Tenere Features ES is built for adventure, with an exceptionally compact 1199cc parallel twin that uses a unique 270 ° crank for excellent torque and traction. The engine mass is kept low for great maneuverability. The narrow 2-cylinder inline engine is slim and compact for constructing narrow lines in winding mountain roads. With four pre-load settings, three damping presets and seven additional seven damping settings, the Super Specs Ténéré ES suspension can be perfectly selected to meet rider, passenger and load and terrain requirements.

The robust closed shaft transmission is protected by the elements and provides a direct and responsive connection to the rear wheel. Yamaha 2020 Tenere Advanced fuel injection, Twin-throttle fuel injection with YCC-T® (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) provides optimal throttle control and acceleration. Traction control allows the cyclist to become familiar with the gas. Super Tenere This very advanced system regulates ignition timing, fuel injection and throttle opening based on wheel rotation, providing a smooth response that is not as sharp as that of competitors.

2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 750 – Engine

2020 SuperTenere Crossplane crankshaft engine, The 1199 cc, liquid cooled parallel twin engine features an exclusive 270 ° cross crankshaft for superior traction. It’s almost like having a big caliber jumper without uncomfortable vibrations. Engine ready for adventure. The compact design of the engine uses a supply of dry sump oil inside the crankcase, increasing the height from the ground, while a side radiator makes the Super Ténéré ES surprisingly tight and protects the radiator from rocks and debris. Advanced fuel injection.

The big Super Ten Specs may seem heavy but the high kickstand makes it easy to lift. Once balanced, the only indication that 265 kg is on the wheels is a heavy stationary handlebar. 2020 Yamaha Specs It is possible to hit the Super Hold in the corners but a healthy respect for the laws of physics is advisable. Bridgestone BattleWing tires are more road-oriented than other dual-purpose tires, but allow for ridiculously tilting angles. However, they are not up to many off-road vehicles.

2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 750 Specs

2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 750 Specs

The engine response in “Town” mode is fairly quiet, with a muted pickup in the lower rev range, waking the engine requires a little more acceleration than usual. The “Sport” mode allows a better, faster and more natural response, but the “T” mode is simpler and is more likely to be chosen. After 3,000 rounds per minute, the Super Ten picks up her skirts and starts running for the horizon with a little more haste. 2020 Super Tenere 750 The vibrations are well controlled and never intrusive. Even the seat is wide and flat with a feeling of solidity.

The rear rack and brackets are easily equipped with a top case (mounted here) and even the Yamaha Tenere 750 aluminum side boxes. Yamaha’s extensive Super Hold accessories include a fabric tank bag, which equips the Super Ten with the ability to be a real long distance touring car.  Although Super Keep is the heaviest bike in the dual-purpose category, it still manages to impress with its agility and overall manageability. It has the comfort and range to make the tour a breeze.

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