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2020 Yamaha SRX LE Review

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2020 Yamaha SRX LE Review – Yamaha ending 2020 announcement of round four manufacturers. While Ski-Doo, Arctic, and Polaris have announce it, all eyes fixed on Japan manufacturers. In fact, of the four major snowmobile manufacturer Yamaha, often being the only one that makes a lot of people talking. In addition, our article ” What Yamaha had in mind for the year 2020? ” Has been very popular over the last two months. Therefore, let us look at the ranks of snowmobile Yamaha 2020.

2020 Yamaha SRX LE Review

While we might expect the strong returns Yamaha after years of strategic repositioning in the year 2019 (read: YAMAHA 2019-LEANER MEANER &). 2019 strategy has allowed the manufacturer to achieve the goal in the United States and they are almost there in Canada.

Therefore it is with a bit of caution that Yamaha started the new decade this by increasing the number of models available from 13th in the year 2019 be 16 in the year 2020. Among the 16 model, there are four models available only in spring, three models 100% Yamaha, 9 2 SideWinder, Viper, two models for Kids/Teens and 2-utility is not new.

End of package DX and arrival Pack GT
In the lineup, Yamaha has been using us for 3 or 4 packages of options or accessories that define the specific character of each model. So, for the year 2020, we have the following packages:

SE: Special Edition Pack
For snowmobile aged 30 to 45 years old who are looking for a hybrid that allows them to drive a sporty lines and explore the area off-trail. Looking for performance.
GT: Grand Touring Package
Long trail rides for lovers who are looking for comfort and performance. The target clients are between 45 and 60 years.
Package LE: “Super Premium” ”
For snowmobile aged between 35 and 50 who love to show off their snowmobile and their performance. They want to adopt a more youthful style and adopt a more aggressive driving style.
Package S-RX: Coureur
For people who want to be the fastest and hate to become the second. They are aged between 40 and 55 years of age. They often drive on the lake or horse racing acceleration.
In the past, we can get lost with names like R-TX, L-X-TX, TX … All this combined with a set of accessories and options SE, LE, DX. To simplify all this, each set of Viper and Sidewinder now has a unique color.

Yamaha Snowmobile 2020 line-up
Before checking all models, note that there are in all the Sidewinders and Viper:

ARCS (Advanced Suspension Roll Center)
Starting to activate the stang
Tether switch
Changes to the front suspension brings the center of gravity and rolled closer, increase the stability of the snowmobile.

The Spring Model (LE)


SRX back in the year 2020 with the color that was never adopted by the SRX since 1980: black. The combination of Midnight Black and Liquid Silver giving the SRX look darker. We found on this model:

New geometry combined with suspension snowmobile that increase the ease of operation of the SRX.

Ripsaw track 137 x 15 x 15 x 1.0 inches
Shock absorber front coil spring with a 1.5 IQS Fox two levels
The combination of shock absorbing HGP 1.5 “(with two-level spring) in the middle and 2.0 ” Fox IQS in the back.
Special heated seats SRX
Heated protective socket
20 inch tunnel bag

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