2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition

2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition

2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition – What makes the Raptor 700R the undisputed king of long range ATVs? It starts with a monstrous injection engine, aggressive styling and an advanced hybrid steel aluminum frame. Add a massive travel, 2020 Raptor along with electric start and reverse, and you’ll have unbeatable, big bore performance. 2020 Special Edition Racing-inspired 45mm SERRATED footpegs provide excellent boot traction. Strong frame. Controlled fill aluminum subframe is bright and strong, as the composite is front grab bar.

Chassis : Yamaha 2020 High-tech chassis. State-of-the-art chassis combines a steel front fascia with a piggy-back rear YZ-style shock features 10.1-inch wheel travel set with preload. Progressive suspension. Yamaha Air Injection System (AIS) injects fresh air into the exhaust passage to completely burn any unburned fuel, thereby reducing exhaust emissions.. housing functions. compact design for fast, appealing handling.

2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition

2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition

Powerful brakes. Raptor 2020 Two aluminium piston disc brakes deliver tremendous stopping power. Disc are drilled, so that unsprung for excellent suspension compliance to reduce an additional twin-piston rear brakes for maximum stopping power. Yamaha Raptor 2020 High performance 22 x 10-9 and 20 x 10-9 provide rear Maxxis® front tire with a specially designed tread pattern excellent, top-notch traction for razor-sharp handling in a variety of terrain and other conditions.

2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition – Engine Features

Electric starting: includes automatic decompression system for fast, easy starts; can be restarted in any gear. Yamaha Edition 2020 SOHC 4-valve cylinder head design: 2 inlet (38 mm) and 2 outlet (32 mm) valves for maximum breathing efficiency; Screw and plunger valve actuation for easier maintenance.

The ceramic composite coated cylinder uses “liner less” holes: 2020 Raptor Yamaha ceramic coating that is sprayed directly onto the aluminum block, removing the liner and reducing weight; excellent heat dissipation for even power output; The ceramic coating reinforces the thin oil film between cylinder and piston, reduces friction and increases Yamaha performance. Short forged aluminum stem: Lightweight design means faster throttle response; Reduced lifting mass means less mechanical vibration

2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition – Performance

Dual Raptor Driven Balance Shafts: Reduces engine vibration for greater ride comfort and endurance. 44 mm Mikuni Throttle Fuel Injection System with TPS & ISC: TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) is used to more accurately calculate the fuel injection amount for optimum performance and excellent throttle response at all revolutions; ISC (Idle Speed ​​Control) ensures a stable idle even during warm-up. Yamaha Raptor Fuel injection includes; Choke-free start, steady idling with warm, excellent fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

“No tools required” air filter box with washable two-stage foam air filter: washable foam filter with tool-free access for quick maintenance. 2020 Raptor Yamaha Two-stage design provides maximum filtering; No tools needed air box drain. Compact 5-Speed ​​Transmission with Reverse and Heavy-Duty Clutch: Optimized gear ratios match engine performance 2020 Raptor for maximum performance; The heavy coupling shells and plates are designed for the tremendous torque of the Raptor Yamaha. Dry sump lubrication system: design helps reduce oil shortage at high G loads; no deep sump means that the engine is in the chassis for optimal handling and reduced center of gravity; Oil filter with replaceable element.

High performance cooling system with electric fan Raptor : keeps the engine temperature constant and ensures optimum performance; rad is positioned higher in the frame for extra protection. Maintenance-free transistor-controlled ignition (TCI): 2020 Special Raptor generates a strong spark for fast starts; precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all speeds; Marine electrical plugs.

2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition

2020 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition

Performance-optimized exhaust system with cleanable spark arrester: coordinated system for optimum power output at all speeds. Raptor 2020 Spark arrester prevents stray rays from leaving the exhaust. Heavy duty O-ring chain drive: easy to adjust; Heavy duty O-ring chain provides excellent strength and durability. The engine is mounted deep in the frame to reduce the center of gravity and center the mass for exceptional handling; Stiffness balance maximizes handling and suspension performance Raptor.

The frame Yamaha has been optimized to provide a balance of strength, stiffness and matched flex. Robust composite under engine 2020 Raptor protection frame protection: lightweight construction reduces weight; The underride protection plate allows easier sliding over obstacles. Lightweight aluminum swingarm: reduces weight; excellent rear wheel traction and control. Fully adjustable, independent double wishbone front suspension with high-quality KYB shocks: fully adjustable, long-stroke KYB high-pressure nitrogen piggyback with dual-rate springs and friction reducing Kashima coating; Include shock shock settings.

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