2019 Yamaha Raptor 700 Specs

2019 Yamaha Raptor 700 Specs

2019 Yamaha Raptor 700 Specs – Aesthetically, the Raptor 700R is dressed to impress and more  with a new style that pays true respect for the menacing look of the ATV. Proudly developed in the US, the Raptor 700R yamaha also has hybrid steel aluminum frame and Controlled-Fills aluminum sub-frame and cast aluminum swing arms, all of which combines to produce a super-powerful structure to make The Raptor Yamaha 700R is the lightest ATV in its class. Another bonus is a dense and comfortable seat that provides great comfort to horsemen, as is the adjustable suspension and the sport-tuned piggyback shocks that provide excellent riding capabilities. Dual counterbalancers, electric start, and reverse will keep things beautiful and for horsemen.

In the center of the 2019 Raptor 700R is an engine that is absolutely, a 686cc engine that is both light and strong, efficient and hard, fast-revving and performance enhancement.

2019 Yamaha Raptor 700 Specs

2019 Yamaha Raptor 700 Specs

Then there is the matter of handling, where the Raptor 700R draws from its YFZ inspired set-up. Thank you for the great part of ATV’s 9.1 “front travel and 10.1”, the state-of-the-art chassis of the front front section with the aluminum section on the back and detachable subframe, and the new twin piston rear brake calipers with twin aluminum-piston front disc brakes, combine to ensure that the Raptor yamaha 700R is ahead and ready for all kinds of action.

2019 Yamaha Raptor 700 Specs – Features

Powered by our most powerful big-bore Raptor engine ever – 686cc of liquid cooled, fuel-injected power. The engine produces large metallic stalls in straight idle, transition to mid-range fat and very large edges. The new aggressive style makes the appearance of the 2019 Raptor 700R as menacing as it really is. The powerful Raptor 700R is ready to go if the destination is the sand, the trails or the track.

Comes to the time to trigger the trigger the big-bore Raptor 700R 2019 stands tall. The inspiration of YFZ Yamaha handling the Raptor 700R is incredible to experience explosions in the woods. Thanks to 9.1 inches of front travel and 10.1 inches back, the trail bumps smooth while the rider keeps things under control. With this combination of power, solid handling, and a good suspension machine it should be experienced to be fully appreciated.

2019 Yamaha Raptor 700 Specs – Engine

Raptor 700 the fake light piston, the connecting rod and the crankshaft to the 686cc engine is light and strong, for a hard-pressing, quick-revving powerplant that revs all the way to 9000 rpm. Dual counterbalancers keep it smooth.  The competition-spec dry-sump lubrication system strengthens useful horsepower and maintains the overall size of the engine more compact.

The digital Yamaha TCI w / 16-bit electronic control unit controls the fuel injection and ignition system for the same performance and incredible throttle response. The reliable pushbutton electric start on any gear adds extra convenience. The five-speed transmission of race-bred with a reverse, along with the powerful powerband of the Raptor 700R, means that there are options of gears in almost all situations. The raptor YZ-spec ratchet shifter is smooth, no resistance transfers under power. The powerful-duty clutch features extra-durable baskets and plates designed to use the power of the Raptor 700R.

2019 700 Yamaha the state-of-the-art chassis combines the steel iron section with the rear section of the aluminum and detachable subframe to create a super-powerful structure. The compact, CAD-designed chassis creates the ideal wheelbase for light, quick, super-accurate steering.  The YZ-style piggyback rear shock offers 10.1-inch wheel travel with high- and low-speed compression adjustability for maximum sport versatility, including preload and rebound adjustment.

The front brake master brake features an adjustable lever for greater comfort and sense. The new twin piston rear brake calipers are added for good stopping power on the trail or in the sand. Twin aluminum-piston front disc brakes deliver extreme power stops. Yamaha raptor discs are drilled, which helps reduce weight loss for good suspension monitoring. The cast aluminum swingarm carries an eccentric quick-adjusted drive chain mechanism that takes most of the work out of that task. The handlebar-mounted flip-type parking brake lever and rear brake caliper automatically adjusts. Yamaha 700R the high-performance 21×7-10 front and 20×10-9 rear Dunlop® radials with a specially designed tread pattern deliver superior, excellent traction type razor-sharp touch to different lands and condition.

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