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2020 Yamaha R1M Price and Review

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2020 Yamaha R1M Price and Review – In the Paddock at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca during the GEICO US round of the 2019 FIM Superbike World Championship, Yamaha North America 2020 debuted the Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M – the Japanese manufacturer’s next development of its powerful track-ready Superbikes. Updates come in the form of engine enhancements, electronic enhancements, suspension upgrades, and styling refinements to keep the two Apex Predators in combat form within their segment.

2020 Yamaha R1M Price and Review

The R1 gets a more MotoGP-inspired styling makeover with new display and fairing that integrates right into the tank, promising a 5.3% increase in aerodynamic efficiency and greater comfort for a wider range of riders.

Along with improved Aero, there is also greater fairing stiffness, thanks to an aluminum air duct behind the front section, as well as titanium lower panels covering the exhaust. This is combined with new LED headlights which help give the bike a more aggressive attitude. Both R1 and R1M will also be equipped with an aluminum tank and aluminum wheels.

Meanwhile, the now EURO5-compliant 998cc crossplane crank engine has been reworked to include a new intake system, complete with new 10-hole Bosch fuel injectors for a wider spray angle for more efficient combustion.

Although power remains unchanged at an alleged 197bhp, the bike receives updated finger-follower rocker arms and new cam lobes, providing more stable valve operation at high RPM. Extracting this top-end Rush is made easier by a lighter ride-by-Wire throttle, which is said to give a more natural feel.

To help pass emissions regulations, the reworked exhaust system is now also equipped with four catalysts, with a pair in front of the exhaust chamber and the other set at the rear. Both the muffler itself and the bike’s engine heat protectors also have noise reduction measures.

Keeping all these achievements under control is an updated 43mm Kayaba fork with a new damping setup, along with a revised control damper and reworked rear shock settings.

To help improve the feel are new Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tires and a whopping seven electronic control systems, including a new brake control (curve ABS), which works with the bike’s six-axis IMU.yamaha r1m horsepower ,yamaha r1m price ,yamaha r1m specs ,yamaha r1m review ,yamaha r1m for sale ,yamaha r1m cafe racer

With two modes (one fixed and one self-adjusting), it assesses data such as lean angle and hydraulic brake pressure, to prevent lock-ups. Extra braking power is provided by new high-friction front cushions.

It is available in blue or black, and the bike also gets a new three-state engine brake control unit that allows riders to adjust the severity of engine braking (high, medium or low).

Designed for greater deceleration performance, system user data including gear position, engine rpm, Throttle position and throttle valve position, before the bike’s ECU changes the gas opening, ignition timing and fuel injection to fit.

The latest R1 also gets an updated Launch Control system, which has now been modified to activate at 9000rpm, at a throttle opening of 41 degrees, producing faster race starts. What’s more, all these system indicators will be visible through an enhanced TFT Dash.

Enter the Yamaha R1M

The limited R1M will feature the same electronic enhancements as the base bike and throw extra weight thanks to a set of carbon fiber front fairings, splashes and tail section, along with magnesium wheels and rear subframes. A titanium lower fairing cover completes the look.

Along with weight-shedding, the Kayaba suspension has been replaced with the latest in Öhlins finery, with a new electronic anti-cavitator NPX gas fork, to reduce negative pressure on the rebound stroke. The electronic rear shock also gains modified preload settings.

2020 Yamaha R1M Price and Review

Finished in an updated sliver, blue and Carbon Livery, Yamaha has also produced a number of apps to go with the new bike, allowing riders to produce their own ideal settings with ease.

The YRC Setting app allows users to control the seven electronic systems to ensure they provide the preferred level of interference. Some controls can be turned off completely.

Meanwhile, the new Y-TRAC app allows customers to access the bicycle communication control unit (CCU) to download a variety of data to your mobile phone. This can be seen in a Google Maps rendering of a track that shows information including acceleration and G forces.

For some added individuality, each R1M will also have an engraved plaque with a unique production number, too.