2020 Yamaha R1 United States

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2020 Yamaha R1 United States – Yamaha is working on the next generation YZF-R1, their flagship motor. The Supersport is expected to penetrate the world market in 2021. According to some rumors, the next generation YZF-R1 will get a new inline-four cylinder engine that is likely to produce over 200bhp of power. It will correspond to the Euro 5 and will use the crank Crossplane, along with the variable valve timings. Rumors show that the seamless gearbox is also in the card-the technology seen on the MotoGP motors. Electronics are also expected to be upgraded, which will bring it close enough to the MotoGP motor.

2020 Yamaha R1 United States

In terms of design, the upcoming R1 will likely retain the design of the current model, but there will be a number of changes that will help the motor to improve its performance. So things like winglets, fairing designs are better expected to be seen on bicycles.

We look forward to seeing the production of the next-generation YZF-R1 in the future around next year, probably on the EICMA 2020. There is also a possibility a minute design concept will be exhibited in EICMA this year as well.

MotoGP®-Derived Crossplane Crankshaft Superbike

The YZF-R1® features a lightweight and compact crankshaft crossplane feature, inline-four-cylinder, high output engine 998cc. Featuring a split titanium fractional connecting rod, a block cylinder offset and magnesium enclosure, the motor provides highly horsepower High and strong linear torque beats for outstanding performance, all wrapped in a MotoGP aerodynamic body Style®.

Leading-Class electronics package

The YZF-R1 has the most advanced electronic package features ever offered on a Supersport machine, with a full range of interconnected technologies that allow the rider to enjoy full performance coverage with comfort, control, and Greater ease of operation than ever before.

MotoGP Level Control®

YZF-R1 pioneered the use of the first six-axis Inertial measurement Unit (IMU), which was once offered on a street motorcycle. IMU consists of a gyro sensor that measures pitch, roll, and yaw, as well as an accelerometer that measures acceleration in the front, back, upward, and left… All at a rate of 125 calculations per second. By counting each signal, YOU find the right vehicle position and movement, and communicate it to the ECU, allowing it to control the bicycle system.

Digital Rider Tools

The YZF-R1 is fully equipped with banking-sensitive traction control and integrated ABS, as well as sliding control, launch control, and more. The quick shift system provides gear shifting upwards and downwards, automatically matching engine speed to tooth decline for fast displacement without coupling in both directions. Wheel lift control system smoothly intervene for maximum forward drive.

Deltabox® Chassis

The Advanced Deltabox® aluminium frame uses the engine as a pressured part and is designed to provide optimum elongated, lateral, and torsional rigidity balance. Fully adjustable front and rear suspension provides exceptional roadholders and tuneability.

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