2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 Specifications
2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 Specifications

2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 Specifications

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2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 Specifications – Despite the fact that there is no official word on the shipment of the Aerox 155 bicycle, a more recent report proposes that it can reach the showrooms on February 25, 2018. Before the alleged shipment, the bike manufacturer could ride the bike for an open show at 2018 Auto Expo. The fourteenth launch of the Expo is scheduled to begin on February 7, 2018 in Greater Noida. The power of the new Yamaha bike comes from a 155cc, single-barrel, 4-stroke SOHC engine, compatible with Blue Core technology and the fuel infusion structure. The power and torque performances of this engine are maintained at 14.8bhp (15.09PS) at 8,000rpm and 14.4Nm at 6,000rpm individually. It stands out the VVA (Valve Variable Actuation) that guarantees an ideal power transmission at low, medium and high revolutions. The ability to promote the wheels is a gearbox programmed with a V-belt.

The new 155cc Yamaha bike has a length of 1,990 mm, a width of 700 mm and a height of 1,125 mm. Sitting on a wheelbase of 1,350 mm, it offers a seat height of 790 mm. The empty weight of the bicycle is maintained at 116 kg. The 142 mm earth margin will make the Aerox 155 good for the streets of India. It offers a limit of fuel consumption of 4.6 liters and a storage room under the seat of 25 liters. 2020 Yamaha offers the start / stop frame with the 155cc engine fluid-cooled on the bike. Kills the engine when the vehicle is stopped, and starts it again when the lever is pulled or the brake is discharged. This decreases the fuel utilization and carbon emissions of the vehicle. However, the correct mileage figure for the new 155cc Yamaha is dark for us.

2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 Specifications
2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 Specifications

With an animated unisex style and animated animated illustrations, the new Yamaha Aerox bike will claim masses. His dialect plan seems to be propelled by MT fix bicycles. Aerox 155 Specifications Sharp tips and double LED headlights give it a strong look. This 155cc bike uses wide 110 / 80-14 C53P front wheels and 140 / 70-14 C62P without a camera. The fuel tank lid is arranged in the focal passage. There is an electrical accessory to charge the device. The taillights and brake lights have LED components. The bicycle includes a group of computerized instruments with a 5.8-inch LCD screen. They emphasize, for example, the captures of the cover of the seat and the fuel and the happy retention of the incorporated pair.

2020 Yamaha Aerox 155  –  Suspension

Aerox 155 Based on the basic scheme, the Aerox 155 is equipped with a front oscillating rear suspension system and an adaptive unit. The braking power comes from the unique water-driven circle and the mechanical drum brakes mounted on the front and rear axles individually. ABS (anti-lock braking system) comes standard in the model line. The bicycle outlines a scheme that is motivated by the Yamaha MT bike race. It is placed in an energetic and forceful position along with the engraved design. Highlights include the LED lighting package on the front and rear, a premium 5.8-inch LCD on the instrument cluster, a 4.6-liter fuel tank, a versatile cargo port and a 25-liter lower seating capacity compartment. Apart from that, you also get the sneaky key frame, start / stop capture.

Speaking of its source of capacity, the Yamaha Aerox 155 gets vitality from a SOCC VVA engine of 155.1 cc, with a single chamber and fuel infusion combined with a programmed gearbox. This engine is a similar unit that works on the one intended to be powered by the new Yamaha R15. The bike produces 14.95 PS of control at 8,000 rpm and 13.8 Nm of pinnacle torque at 6,250 rpm. With this particular, Yamaha Aerox 155 will be the largest bicycle in the Indian market.

2020 Yamaha Aerox 155  – Specifications

It continues to work with 14-inch combination wheels like the Aprilia SR 150. For braking obligation, the Yamaha Aerox 155 has a front plate brake and a rear drum unit. Also, there will be an offer of ABS improving the welfare of the bicycle. The Yamaha Aerox suspension obligation is completed with adjustable front forks and twin rear protections. Anticipate that the bicycle will be valued at around Rs. 80,000 (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

Aerox 155VVA is compatible with the latest generation 155cc engine equipped with the Variation Actuation (VVA) valve that makes the engine more powerful. All Aerox 155VVA types are equipped with Blue Core technology so that engine performance is maximized but remains efficient in fuel consumption. It is also said that fuel consumption is more economical due to the function of the Stop & Start (SSS) system that serves to reduce fuel consumption when the engine stops. Aerox is also compatible with the Smart Motor Generator (SMG), which makes the engine sound softer when turned on.

2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 Specifications
2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 Specifications

Yamaha prepares Aerox with various colors, including blue and white for Aerox 155VVA – S version, a blue racing color for the Aerox 155VVA 2020 – R version, while Aerox 155VVA is available in black, yellow and red. Aerox uses brighter and more focused LED front and rear lights. A full digital speedometer with a 5.8-inch LCD provides clearer information with the multiple information display (MID) that displays the VVA indicator, fuel, battery gauge, odometer, travel meter, average fuel consumption, time consumption real, digital clock and rpm meter.

Aerox uses the Smart Key System in the form of an advanced keyless key system to make driving more practical and safer because it is integrated with the Immobilizer and Answering System features that make it easier for passengers to find a motorcycle position when parking. In terms of braking, Aerox Yamaha 155VVA is equipped with ABS (Antilock Braking System). In addition, Aerox 155VVA is compatible with a luggage capacity of up to 25 liters that is capable of storing XL-size full-face helmets, raincoats and other objects according to the needs of the cyclist.

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