2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign
2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign

2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign

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2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign – After a world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, which quickly found its way to India, Yamaha Motor Yamaha announced the Yamaha YZF-R 3 in the country in 2018. The flagship offer from the enormous ₹ of Japan costs 20.73 lakh (i- showroom, Delhi) and organizes a cosmetic upgrade with new features and technological improvements in the sport.

2019 Yamaha R3, Yamaha India, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Roy Kurian said about the launch: “The new YZF-R3 Yamaha model reinforces Yamaha in its Superbike segment on the Indian market and inherits its Yamaha technology. This model is also a rare possibility that it can be used in the current market, with the emphasis on Yamaha’s improved aerodynamics in a close post on the MotoGP features 2019 Yamaha plans the market share in the Supersports segment, because it is expected that the new Yzf-r will attract 1 young racing fanatic.

2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign
2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign

Visually, the Yamaha YZF-R3 Redesign does not make any major changes in 2018 and will continue to design languages ​​such as the M1, which is strongly inspired by LED DRLs and headlampsports. The new color is refreshing but gives some extras. Streamlined, the same 998 cc cross-plane, four-cylinder, four-valve engine continues to serve its purpose. The engine is derived from the YZR-M3 MotoGP bike and can be improved by Ram pressure boost, and is adjusted to a 180 hp belt. 2019 YZR The chassis will remain the same, as well as a long swingarm, magnesium rear frame and magnesium wheel sports.

2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign – Characteristics

Powerful Twin-Cylinder engine. 2019 R3 The large 321 cc engine with two cylinders offers excellent performance, whether it’s cross-town traffic, hitting corners or on the race track. Striking Yamaha R-series styling. Redesign Yamaha And there are three beautiful color options available, which means that there is a color choice that suits you. Advanced engine design Forged pistons – just like the R1 and R6 – are very lightweight and offer exceptional strength. And innovative Yamaha 2019 functions such as the offset cylinders reduce friction for more power.

Balanced Sportbike ergonomics. The YZF-R3 has a snap-on handlebar and a driving position that provides a great balance between comfort and sporty riding. Compact, confident seats. With a flat seat design and a seat height of only 30.7 inches on the Yamaha YZF-R3, it is easy to get both feet firmly on the ground and create confidence, especially for novice riders. Powerful brakes. Modern front and rear disc brakes provide a strong, adjustable braking force. The 2019 YZF-R3 ABS model also features an anti-lock braking system to increase the confidence of the rider and to prevent blocking of the wheel when traction under reduced traction.

2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign – Engine

Redesign R3 Powerful Twin-Cylinder engine. 321cc, liquid-cooled, inline DOHC with 2 cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder, fuel injection engine delivers outstanding power and performance over the entire speed range. High-Revving Engine Architecture. Yamaha R3 With a compression ratio of 11.2: 1, the engine develops maximum power at 10,750 rpm for an exciting ride and a wide spread of power. With a 180 degree crank design, the motor ensures minimal vibrations and smooth running motor character in the speed range.

Modern fuel injection. 2019 Yamaha Downdraft fuel injection system with induction offers easy starts and smooth performance in all conditions. Advanced cylinder construction. R3 Yamaha’s fully aluminum DiASil cylinder is used for excellent heat dissipation, with an innovative offset cylinder design that reduces power loss and improves both power and fuel efficiency. Redesign Yamaha Strong and lightweight pistons.

2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign
2019 Yamaha R3 Redesign

Chassis / suspension: Advanced frame. 2019 R3 Yamaha Steel frame and swingarm designed with Yamaha’s extensive chassis expertise for a light and agile, yet solid, handling character. Potent Btaking. The 2019 YZF-R3 ABS model also features an anti-lock braking system to increase the confidence of the rider and to prevent blocking of the wheel when traction under reduced traction.

Plush, controlled suspension. The KYB® 41 mm front suspension offers a 5.1-inch journey for comfort and driver control, while a pre-adjustable rear shock absorber allows passenger and cargo tuning. Sportbike-Spec alloy wheels 10-spoke cast aluminum wheels are both strong and stylish and reduce unsprung weight. Yamaha 2019 Thorough instrumentation. The multifunction meter informs the rider about the gear position, fuel capacity, real-time and average fuel consumption, water temperature, clock and an oil change meter.

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