2019 Yamaha MT-15 Review

2019 Yamaha MT-15 Review

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2019 Yamaha MT-15 Review – We just witnessed an exciting MotoGP round at the Buriram in Thailand, but just before that, we had another exciting event. The Yamaha MT-15 2019 was revealed in Thailand and looks menacing. The design philosophy is the same “Make it look like the great evils of the family.” Like the R15 V3, which is inspired by the R6 and R1, the MT-15 is inspired by the powerful MT-09.

2019 Yamaha MT-15 Review

Familiarities come early when the bulging-eye beacon comes directly from the MT-09. The muscular tank, the aggressive posture and the full down tail with a one-piece seat make the MT-15 look like an image of the Yamaha’s largest nakeds.

Now we also call it a naked R15 V3 and with good reason. Many of the elements of the Yamaha MT-15 come from the R15 V3. The aluminum swingarm and the group of digital instruments are taken from the R15 V3. This applies to mechanics as well. The MT-15 is powered by the 155 cc engine, a liquid-cooled cylinder with VVA and sliding clutch, as well as the R15 V3. The engine has fuel injection and predictably generates about 19 horsepower and 14.8 Nm of torque. But we can expect some adjustment changes to make the MT-15 more street friendly.

The ingenious 6-speed gearbox is the way the power is transmitted to the rear wheel through a transmission chain. Expect the final transmission and gear ratios to also differ to give the MT-15 more strength at the bottom. With the VVA and the slight changes in tuning and final handling, we believe that the MT-15 will be a full-life motorcycle, which is a great pleasure to travel around the city.2019 Yamaha MT-15 Review

Apart from that, we see USD hairpins, Adjustable mono-shock absorbers, single disc with radially mounted caliper on the front and a regular floating caliper that holds the disc on the back. The obvious lack of ABS rings means that the bike loses the safety aid. The size of the tyres also coincides with the R15 V3 with 110 sections at the front and 140 on the back side. The fuel tank has only 10 liters, which may seem a little low, but with a expected fuel efficiency of around 35 +, you can expect a decent range of about 350 km.

On the mechanical front, the 2019 MT-15 operates on the same liquid-cooled engine as the new R15. The 155 cc, single-cylinder and SOHC engine offers 19.3 hp and 15 Nm maximum torque and also features variable valve actuation (VVA). The addition of VVA helps the engine to provide good low-and medium-range performance without compromising high-end delivery. Speaking of parts of the cycle, the frame has been suspended in a USD fork and a monoblock unit. Braking hardware consists of disc brakes at both ends, while dual-channel ABS is standard.2019 Yamaha MT-15 Review

So the new MT-15 will come to India? Following the previous record of Yamaha India, it seems unlikely, as its predecessor, the Yamaha M-Slaz, did not offer in the Indian market. However, there is the possibility that this strategy can change with the MT-15, and the Japanese brand also showed the concept Hyper Slaz in the Auto Expo of 2018. Look at this space for more updates.

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